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Backed with years of experience in off-road 4x4 racing and aided with rigorous Finite Element Analysis, we bring the most effective beadlock systems to motorsport.

Denominated by Beadlock A System and Beadlock B System, both have the same finality. The purpose of our wheels with Beadlock Technology is to (1) avoid the tyre to turn on the wheel and (2) to secure the tyre bead, blocking it to jump over the well.

The Beadlock A System is designed to clamp the tyre bead between the wheel itself and an outer ring. Then, the ring is bolt onto the wheel with the tyre bead clamped and secured in-between them. This system ensures that, both tyres and wheels rotate as one single unit in acceleration and hard cornering.

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Beadlock A

The Beadlock B System is the premier ready-to-race option due to its fast system to mount & dismount tyres. This simple but effective system, consists in a 90 degrees machined wheel hump, grooved tyre bead seat and tapered screws lodged at the outer rim lange fettering the tyre bead against the wheel hump. 

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Beadlock BJPG