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The most effective solution for running at low pressures on the most demanding terrains

On softer terrains like sand, mud or snow, reducing tire pressure means increasing traction. On the other hand, lowering the pressure too much can cause the tyre to rotate against the wheel or, in extreme cases, even unseating the tyre. To avoid these problems, BRAID has designed 2 BEADLOCK systems:

The Beadlock A System consists of a 6061-T6 aluminium outer ring bolted to the wheel that clamps the outer bead of the tyre and holds it in place allowing running extremely low pressures. Although the inner bead is not as critical as the outer bead, the system also incorporates a special 90° machined hump profile on the inner part of the wheel, as well as an anti-rotational tyre system.


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The Beadlock B System is made up of several pointed screws screwed to the outer flange of the wheel whose objective is to prevent the tyre from rotating against the wheel and at the same time prevent the outer bead of the tyre from unseating. It also incorporates a special hump profile machined at 90°, as well as the anti-rotational system both on the outside and inside of the rim. It is a simple but effective system that allows running with a minimum pressure of 1 bar // 1 kg/cm2 // 14.5 psi

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